I see it now
In the middle you went and changed the script.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I've moved to a new place.
Relink me. (:

Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm like the STINK on yr feet. I'll always be around.
- bedtime stories

it's no surprise i wont be here tmrw

will upload 2009 picts when i'm not lazy. :x

HAPPY 2010 or 1st JAN EVERYONE!!

Countdown with Sofia and Hariz yesterday was Awesomee. Met them at 8+ at Ap and we headed there. Many of those i knew were there, from pri schl friends to outisde schl friends and sec friends. (: Headed to Macds befr the celebration. Final performance befr the countdown was heartbreaking. The band performed No Surprise - Daughtry. Been humming that song up till now. -.- Counted down when it was nearing midnight and everyone shouted and jumped around. This new years celebration's better than the previous years where i stayed at home and watched it on tv while my family slept. Uhhhhhh. Left the place at 1230am and reached home at 1am. Was sooo tired. I'm thinking of starting a new blog fr 2010. Same url, but history all moved to another place. We'll see if i have the time. Now, gdnight everyone. (:

now playing- no surprise by daughtry


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